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News 02:07 July 2020:

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If you need to get more people to follow your postings on instagram, don’t try to buy instagram likes before trying some basic techniques. From altering what photos you place, to linking to other social networks, to learning the best time to post, there are many things you can do to gain instagram followers.

When you take a photograph, think twice before posting it to instagram. What are you posting, and how likely are others to find it interesting? So many people spend countless hours of their days posting mundane photographs of their cups of coffee in the morning or of their fancy new cars. Posting too many photos of material items can make one appear like a stuck up show off, and unless you are a chef posting about the foods on your new menue, posting photos of your food and drinks is likely not to interest anyone.

If you are having a difficult time identifying what may or may not be a good post, check out the Popular section of instagram and see what others are posting that has had good feedback. You’ll notice there that it is not simply a matter of finding a good photo, but also of finding a good filter to use with the photo, which truly compliments it. People enjoy seeing beauty and Instagram has become a method for showing artistic beauty in day to day life.

Linking ones Instagram account with their facebook account and inviting friends from facebook and twitter is another great way to find additional followers on Instagram. Inviting friends can carry over to those in your email contact list as well.

Don’t forget about the benefits of hashtags. When one puts the appropriate hashtags on their photos they are increasing the likelihood of other people seeing it, because the page which the hashtag was for will also show the post. If one is interested in seeing photos of babies they can go to that page and see all photos that have been hashtagged “baby” even if they have no connection to those who took and posted the pictures. The same concept applies with geotags, and using those is helpful. Geotags work similarly, but instead of identifying what the photo is, it identifies where it was taken, allowing people to follow up on local interests.

When one exhausts all these methods for gaining followers on Instagram they are surely going to see results. The more one puts into their Instagram account, the larger their following and the more they will get out of it.

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