May 282016

News 12:07 July 2020:

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If you just heard about the fast rising app called musically and you would like to join and become an instant hit, read the short article below. is a great video and music related application that lets people share and watch funny video clips, lip sync on other people’s music and do lots of other thing using their editing features. When you are a new member, it is difficult to get many likes on your posts unless you have an idea as to how things work.

To start with, decide on an area to concentrate on.  There is lip syncing, you can post hilarious video clips, or you can concentrate on taking part in the many challenges offered in the app. In addition, you may decide to do many of what the app offers just to get musically likes and fans. But whatever you choose to be your niche, make sure you become consistent in it. Don’t wake up one day and start posting funny clips that aren’t even funny. If playing with video effects, gestures and sound is your strength point, do the best to produce great quality videos in that niche and the musically likes will start flowing.

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